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June 1, 2020

Many factors can lead the player into the process of addiction and non-control of his practice:

Factors related to the gaming environment

The closed spaces of the DPBOSS, where no timing mark is present, make us forget the notion of time spent playing.

The lights, the sounds of the machines (which announce gains), the simplicity of the game, are there to reinforce the desire to play. The friendly atmosphere, the emulation in bars, or sports betting rooms, increases the desire to play.

Factors related to games

The impression of mastering a chance of mastering a game (making probabilities of leaving a card, learning about horses during horse racing betting) when the result is only chance.

The emotion provided by gain and the lure of gain: players remember their gains more than their losses. The mechanisms of gain are associated with the mechanisms of pleasure and reward. The idea of making angel money also drives the game.

The desire to redo, players can imagine being able to regain their losses by continuing to play.

The frustration of a quasi gain, the players are often at one number, one box, or one card to win, which gives them the illusion of having almost won, and they think they are getting closer to the jackpot. However, at DP BOSS, each round, draw, game, race being independent, there is no link, and the chances of winning do not change.

Factors related to the player:

The factors related to the player are very variable; they can depend on his psychological state, his character, his entourage, or his isolation.

Prevention of gambling addiction

There is no real measure of prevention of addiction, other than limiting the practice of games and supervising this practice. If you enjoy playing, keep the games social and friendly, don’t isolate yourself.

If you feel that games are taking up too much a place in your life, or if those around you criticize your practice, it is advisable to consult a health professional and talk about it. There are online tests to assess your gaming practice and to take stock.

How to initiate a care process?

Many health professionals welcome people suffering from behavioral addiction to addiction treatment centers. Most specialized addictology services take care of all addiction problems: addiction to psychoactive substances such as alcohol, and also behavioral such as gambling, video games, or sexual addiction. Also, certain psychiatrists or psychologists practicing in the city can be a resource.

Taking charge

These places will welcome you by appointment and allow you to make the first point on your problematic behavior. The proposed care is generally bio-psycho-social. In addition to psychological and medical care, these places also allow you to meet a social worker who will help you manage your difficulties.

Lyrics groups

Also, discussion groups can be offered in certain services to inform those around them of the addictive problems encountered and thus encourage exchanges between people confronted via their loved ones with these problems.

Conclusion: Gambling is an addiction, and there is not an easy way to get rid of it. It depends on several factors, as describes above. As we know that prevention is better than cure, you should take in mind this quote before starting to gamble.

Henry Leo

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