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June 1, 2020

Bowling is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by people of any age. Beating your last high score is fun; however, it is even more fun to hit the winning strike and give your team the win. However, you need to learn and master techniques to find the right gait and swing to score strikes. A regular visit to a bowling alley in Arlington Washington will help you make this happen. Below are some tips to improve your game and apply during every visit to the alley:

Pick Up the Spare

Even if you only knock down four pins, you should not get discouraged. Just move on, stay focused, and aim for the spare. Your opponents may take 8 pins each time down, picking up a spare that your opponents have allowed to slip by, may give you the win. The reason is that the first set of pins you hit down at your next time up will count toward your last frame. Keep in mind that every spare missed is 10 points off your total score. Therefore, when you hit a 90 in game one after missing each spare, nabbing all 10 in the next game, will have your score jumping to 190.

Hit the Best Pins

In bowling, you don’t have to hit every pin to get a strike. Instead, you must hit the best pins which are the front two pins. This makes sure the pins hit each other and knock one another over. If you are right-handed, focus on the pin in the middle at the top of the triangle and the pin immediately right to it. If you are left-handed, the best pins refer to the pin in the middle and the one to its left.

Choose the Right Ball

You can dominate at a bowling alley even if you don’t own a bowling ball. You only need to choose the right one for you when you arrive. Ensure you choose a bowling ball that weighs around 10% of your weight. The ball must have some weight so it knocks down the pins without being uncomfortably heavy when you throw it down the lane.

Moreover, the right bowling ball has holes you can comfortably fit your fingers into. Even if the ball has a comfortable weight, if the fingers are spread too wide or the holes are too small for your fingers, it could still ruin your game.

Henry Leo

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