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June 1, 2020

Nowadays FIFA 19 is quite popular among all the gamers. This game provides all the things that a football lover wants to see in a game.

People ask a lot of question about FIFA 19. Many gamers want to know the method to earn fast XP, and they fail to know the secret, but you don’t need to worry because I’m going to reveal all the details that will help you to get more XP.

The XP helps you to boost your game and increase your level. Getting XP is not a difficult job to do in FIFA 19. However, you just need to know the method of earning this XP.

So what are the methods to earn fast XP? Below are some of the method that will provide the answer to the question.

Play Matches

The more amount of matches you will play, the more XP you will earn. Try to perform well in a maximum of the matches because it will help you to earn some extra XP.

 If you are just playing on the field without performing well and not winning many matches, then you are not going to get what you want.

So try to play as many matches as possible and try to show a good quality performance. Other than gaining some extra XP, spending some extra time on the pitch will also help you to enhance your FIFA skill.


The difficulty level also plays an important role in gaining some extra XP. If you are playing on a lower difficulty level and able to win a game; you are going to get less XP.

Although if you win a game on a higher difficulty level, then you are surely going to gain some extra XP which you will love to have. But winning a higher difficult level game is not an easy task to do.

So First try to improve your game on a lower difficulty level and develop your skills. Once you master the game on a lower difficulty level, then shift towards higher difficulty level and try to play as better as you can.


XP can also be obtained by selling or buying players. If you are having a player, which you don’t use quite much, then you can sell that play to earn some XP and coins.

However other than selling, buying a player can also help you to earn some XP. You can go to the transfer market and purchase the player that you are looking for.

Or you can sell a player that you feel is useless in your team which will help you earn some extra XP. You are going to get a higher XP if you spend more money on a player.

But don’t spend too many coins on a player or item that you are not going to use. Spend coins on a valuable player and earn XP.


There are different tournament and leagues in FIFA 19 that can help you to gain XP. You can grab more XP if you reach the knockout stages of these leagues.

Winning a single match of the league will also help you to earn XP. FIFA 19 has over 700 leagues, so you have a variety of option to choose from. All the leagues have a different difficulty level.

If you play a smaller league, you are going to get a low competition matches, but if you play some famous league, you are going to encounter some higher difficulty team that can be hard to be.

However, these leagues have the same XP on each win. So try to select a league which is not having difficult teams and try to perform well to collect XP.


FIFA games offer several challenges throughout the game. These challenges might be tough to complete, but they have got some extra rewards.

They help the player to earn more coins and XP. If you do not complete these challenges, you are not going to get the XP.

So keep an eye on these challenges and try to complete them. However, these challenges also enhance the player’s skill. So don’t miss them and try to grasp and complete them.

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