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June 1, 2020

Top 10 Players on FIFA 19 Games

Jul 1, 2019

EA Sports usually release the list of some of the best player for FIFA game each year. The top 10 players on FIFA 19 has also been released. All the players are assigned overall ratings that show to authority and skill of the player.

Players Ratings

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo both have got the same 94 ratings in the game. The 3rd player in the list of a top player is Neymar with 92 ratings.

He is followed by Luka Modric who has got 91 ratings. About six players are having an overall rating of 91. Luka Modric, Sergio Ramos, Kevin De Bruyne, David de Gea, Luis Suarez, and Eden Hazard are among those players while on the 10th spots is Toni Kroos with 90 ratings.

This is the first time in FIFA series that Ronaldo and Messi have the same rating. They both share the overall rating of 94.

In FIFA 18 game, Ronaldo was rated 94 while Messi was one point behind Ronaldo. Messi was having an overall rating of 93. EA Sports has also released the reason that of Ronaldo being on the top spot of FIFA 19 game.


Ronaldo has earned a lot of award and trophies due to his high performance. His recent move to Juventus affects the forward of the Portugal team.

With his present, Portugal uses to have to world strongest forward attack in the world. Ronaldo dodges the defenders right and; left when in an attacking mode.


Messi has been breaking some records in football history. His presence makes Argentina attack one of the stronger attacks among all the football teams.

 Messi has won a lot of game for his team single-handedly, and his skills make him to be in the second position of the FIFA 19 list.


Neymar JR is another famous name in Football. With his skills, power, and technique, he has won many matches for his team.

 He is a very effective role and can dodge the opponent easily. Neymar JR has got 92 ratings in Pace and 95 in Dribbling which make him stand out in the list.


LUKA MODRIĆ The golden ball winner has been highly under the observation of football fans for the past few years.

His recent victories have made him to be in the top list. LUKA make the midfield attack stronger, and don’t let the opponent to move towards his goal.


KEVIN DE BRUYNE is an exceptional Belgian player that has got a passing rating of 92 and has 87 ratings in Dribbling.

He plays a huge part in winning the champions title for his team. Kevin also has an explosive shooting rating of 86.


Eden Hazard, another good player that usually show more worth to his team.

He is a well-rounded player that has some good attacking capacity which makes him a dangerous player. Eden has the ability to beat any player with his skill set.


SERGIO RAMOS is another player mentioned in the top 10 list of FIFA 19 game. Currently, he is among the top-rated defenders in football.

He has a defending rating of 91 that help to make the defense of his team stronger.


 LUIS SUAREZ is a skillful central striker in FC Barcelona’s squad who has a dribbling able of 87 and has a physical strength rating of 85.

 He also has a good 90 shooting rating in the game. His dribbling, physical strength, and shooting are one of the reasons that he is present in the top list of FIFA 19.


DAVID DE GEA is among top rated goalkeeper in football World. He can stop a ball at any angle with ease.

David has 94 reflexes rating and 90 Diving rating, which mean that the opponent needs to hit an excellent powerful shot to score against him.


Toni KROOS is ideal midfielder that adds more worth in the midfield section. He has a passing rating of 89, dribbling rating of 82 and shooting rating of 82 in the FIFA 19 game.

Due to his skills, he was able to make his place in the top 10 players of the game.

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