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June 1, 2020

FIFA 19 advanced skills.

May 18, 2019

Facing difficulties while playing FIFA 19? Tired of playing like an amateur and want to play like a pro. Stick to this guide and it will teach you all the advanced skills, which can convert an amateur player into a professional player.

After brief research and experience, we have pulled together a list of things. If a player will follow the list properly then it will feel the advantages. The list covers almost every aspect of FIFA 19, including new features.

Timed finishing Winning move.

Timed finishing is a shot, which can make you win easily, however you have to be an expert in it. Whenever you plan to kick outside the box then Timed finishing is your best option because it adds more power behind the ball. Let us discuss how this move works, go for the double tap shot input and the Timed finishing is mapped. Timed finishing shows three levels and each level indicates its success rate. Release the ball when you think the level is perfect and wait for the crowd to shout goal.

Driven Shot crucial move.

Driven Shot also known as the beast shot of FIFA. To use this shot press L1 + R1 + Shoot, select the charge level according to the distance. If the distance is close then keep the charge high, it will increase the chances of goal by 100%. Driven Shot can be extremely crucial in 1v1 matches. If you are playing in a tournament or a friendly match then do not forget to use this shot.

Avoid Slow down.

If you want to learn advanced skills then never, make this mistake. Do not depend on the sprint button. Most amateur players make this mistake and completely depend on the sprint, which is a foolish move. If you desire to become a professional, vanish this tactic completely from your brain. The main reason behind avoiding spamming of the sprint is there is a huge number of chances of losing the ball while using sprint. Use this move when you think it is necessary.

Ground Cross.

Ground Cross is the best tactic in FIFA 19 to manipulate the opponent. In Ground Cross, your players go up but instead of making a high shot it goes for the ground shot. To use this amazing move, double press the cross button. Ground Cross is an essential move to use in a 1v1 match.

 Use Tactics.

To become a professional player you have to acquire fast reflexes. To use quick tactics you have to be fast. One of the most common and amazing quick tactics is UP UP tactic. Press Up twice and use the D-pad while attacking. It creates a difference in the ground while crossing the ball. It also helps to confuse enemy players.

Fast Swapping.

Learn how to switch players with the right stick. While your instinct might be to hit L1 or LB to switch player in FIFA 19, you might want to get acquainted with the right analog stick instead. You see, using L1 only switches you to the player nearest to the ball. This is not always the best tact to use, as flicking the stick towards the player you wish to switch to is much better, and gives you a lot more options.

Get out of the Comfort.

People are not born professional they make themselves professional by working hard. You have to practice a lot whenever you are playing will computer as your opponent, do not select the difficulty level basic. Keep the difficulty level at professional; it will drag you out of your comfort zone. Always practice at a professional level and you will feel the difference.

Above skills are all you need to learn to become a professional, adapting all of these will improve your reflexes, shooting and dodging skill. However, most people must be thinking what about motivation?

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