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June 1, 2020

How to keep in touch with the latest gaming trends

Nov 12, 2018

Why is it important to keep up with gaming trends or at the very least, follow the news revolving around your favourite game? Because you open up more opportunities in the game for yourself, get more knowledge and improve overall because new knowledge makes you question the old dogmas and subsequently you do become smarter. However, let’s not get carried away on psychology and dive deeper into the methods that can help you to keep up with the best gaming trends online.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat – all of the applications that fall into the category of social media can be used to deepen your knowledge about the games you love and play. Let’s take a random game and a random social network. For this section, I chose Runescape, a timeless classic with lots of recognition and longevity. The social network – Instagram. Through there I’ve managed to find exciting accounts such as this one. It posts fun memes to keep me within the community and also I found out that it is arguably the BEST OSRS gold site around. Meaning that they sell Old School Runescape gold. So cheers to Probemas for letting me know how to evade the usual grind of RS.


Let’s move on to Reddit. Similar to Instagram, you select and subscribe to those subreddits and communities which interest you. This one has over 180 thousand subscribers and provides the updates to newest trailers, leaks, pieces of information, and you can also get involved in a discussion down in the comment section. Reddit probably more than any other platform is all about equality and discussions rather than just news prepared by journalists and editors. While on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and most other sites you mostly notice the information posted by famous people, on Reddit, anyone can have a successful post, so that’s a significant benefit to the community if you were to be involved.

Gaming news sites and Youtube

These two go hand in hand because the most prominent sites (IGN, GameSpot etc.) have their own YouTube channels where you can see tons of video content about rumours, leaks, new releases, etc. Most sites have newsletters which you can subscribe to and get in-depth professional analysis from trustworthy sources. This may be the biggest advantage of these sites is that they are very choosy of what information gets posted and which is left behind because they have a reputation to maintain thus being a lot more cautious about what to post and say. Most sites have different sections dedicated to specific games so you could be in the mix all the time without digging deep to find info.

Official forums

The last method is to go to the official forums of your game or the developer’s website’s forums. Rockstar has a great example of a lively and always active forum community. Here, real people who either have tons of experience playing this game or even workers and moderators from the official game development team can post some comments and give details about specific areas, answer questions, deny or approve rumours, etc. However, if the game is in development, people who work on the game tend to stay as quiet as possible and build hype by telling as little as possible (for the most part).

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